• Owner Operated
By having the owners involved on your files from start to finish, there is additional pride and diligence put into the work being performed and delivered to you, the client. The best case scenario for you is the best case scenario for Akoda Land.

• Interact With Those Who Know Your File
When you communicate with Akoda Land on your projects, you will be in direct conversation with the person that is working on your files.

• Success is Based on Performance
Unlike the hourly billing model commonly used in land acquisition, Akoda is compensated on a predetermined project completion rate, meaning the higher efficiency we provide, the more successful we are and in turn the client. Our performance dictates our profits, not our inefficiencies.

• Transparency
Akoda Land’s business model is based on open, honest, and direct communication with its clients. We strongly believe that this is fundamental to the development of any successful business relationship.

• Smaller Than the Competition
By keeping the size of Akoda Land smaller than its competition, we are able to offer more affordable rates to our clients as a result of having reduced fixed costs and maximum flexibility.

• Process
Akoda Land tailors all services, processes, and reporting to each client individually. We understand that all clients have a specific set of needs that we will do our best to cater to.

• Capacity for Projects of Any Size
We have established partnerships with several industry contractors including Aboriginal Relations Professionals, Land Acquisition Agents, and IT Consultants who are available to work on your files, should it be beneficial.